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Year End Review – 2022

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2022 was a good year for Irish Craft Malts despite the challenges of the high costs of growing crops and significant energy increases.  

Brendan had excellent yields in Spring Barley and also Oats which we are now also malting.

We added in the additional plant to make our work a little more streamlined, including new silos and a bagging machine.

In May 2022 we visited Raer Whisky Distillery near Glasgow and participated in a malting course with Hugh Alexander, who provides malting consulting services to us.  It was an intense few days but we learned a lot and dispelled some myths! Raer are in in the process of building its own malting plant, so we had several engaging conversations with them.

Back in Tribley, we further automated some processes which made for a more consistent quality malt.

The icing on the cake was being able to sample a few whiskeys made by our customers with our very own peated malts!

peated malt ready for milling