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Year End Review – 2022

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2022 was a good year for Irish Craft Malts despite the challenges of the high costs of growing crops and significant energy increases.   Brendan had excellent yields in Spring Barley and also Oats which we are now also malting. We added in the additional plant… Read More »Year End Review – 2022

Irish Peated Malts

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2020 Season – Peated malts a real hit! Our 2020 harvest of barley and oats are now being malted.  Despite a dry season, the harvest has proved successful with good germination rates.   The new peat furnace is proving its weight (over 800kg!) and providing plenty… Read More »Irish Peated Malts

Production Finally Started!

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So finally production has started!  We built a small half ton plant to get up and running while we hone our new found skills.  So far we have produced 8 batches of malt, with each batch getting more consistent, as we fine tune our plant.… Read More »Production Finally Started!

The Harvest is home…

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It’s our first year growing malting barley.  Brendan is a life long experienced cereal farmer, so it was no surprise when the barley was harvested in top condition – exceeding protein targets, quality grain with a high 1,000 grain weight.  Additionally the grain was cut… Read More »The Harvest is home…

Welcome to our Blog!

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Brendan and I are excited to move ahead with our malting project.  It’s been a busy few weeks.  We’ve met with a few very helpful brewers (you’ll know who you are – thanks!) and gathered good feedback on which type of malts are of most… Read More »Welcome to our Blog!