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Malt in Germinator

Our Story

Irish Craft Malts is a farm enterprise which has a long tradition of cereal family farming.   We began trialling malting in 2015 and now have developed a consistent process.  Using all stainless steel vessels and equipment, we can now produce quality malt grown on farm, both Malted Barley and Malted Oats.

Why we are different

Following various trials, we have refined our peated malted barley and oats.  Consequently, these malts were the first such products to be produced in Ireland in nearly a century.  Finally distillers in Ireland can produce peated whiskeys based on 100% Irish source and malted inputs.

Our specially proprietary designed kiln operates on indirect solid fuel heating, supported by indirect oil and electrical heating to modulate temperatures.  Peat is introduced through temperature controlled peat smoke.  As a result, this process produces a rich fragrance, without the bitterness associated with some  peating processes.